Xin Jin Ba XJBBJHX012 Electric Knee Heating Pad


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Xin Jin Ba XJBBJHX012 Electric Knee Heating Pad Thermal Heat Therapy Wrap Brace Arthritis Pain Relief


- Brand: Xin Jin Ba
- Model: XJBBJHX012
- Using far infrared technology, adopts carbon fiber heating wire material, rapid heating, effectively remove the cold.
- Effectively improve a variety of discomforts through local hot compress, promote blood circulation, increase the metabolism of the human body.
- Moxibustion therapy, repel cold and relieve pain. Three gears temperature adjustment, meet your different demands.
- More fit to the knee curve, powerful hook and loop design, not easy to slide.
- Easy to use and operate, old people can also operate by themselves, safe and reliable.
- Made of high quality fabric material, durable and harmless.


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