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- Brand: Xiaomi
- Model: Mijia Honeywell
- Material: Plastic
- Weight: 90g
- Size: 80*29*20mm
- Compatible platform: ANDROID iOS

Xiaomi designs the Smart Natural Gas Leak Detector Alarm in collaboration with Honeywell to help ensure home safety.
The Natural Gas Detector instantly emits an audible and visible alarm and pushes a notification on your smartphone once the natural gas(methane) is detected. It's easy to mount the unit on your wall or ceiling with its self-inspection function for easy maintenance.

Main Features:
- Instant Alarm: Protect your family from the dangers of methane by emitting audible and visible alarms.
- Phone Push: Get instant alerts via your smartphone even when you're not at home.
- Air Exhaust: Automatically turn on the exhaust fan which is connected to a Zigbee power strip or Aqara wall socket to promote ventilation and lower the risk of fire or explosion.
- Self-Inspection Function: The unit can inspect itself using the App on your smartphone so there's no need to manually check it by yourself.

Note: The phone push, self-inspection, and air exhaust functions are available only when the unit is paired with Xiaomi Multifunction Gateway.

- Dimension: Length:8cm, Width:19cm, Height:6.4cm; Weight:0.19KG

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