XIAOMI MI-C-01S Portable Home Dehumidifier Bedroom Basement Air Dryer Mini Moisture

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XIAOMI MI-C-01S Portable 1L Home Dehumidifier Bedroom Basement Air Dryer Mini Moisture


- Brand: XIAOMI
- Model: MI-C-01S
- Color: White
- Material: ABS
- Size: 207 x 115 x 310 mm
- Weight: 2 KG
- Rated Power: 90W
- Rated Power Supply: 220V-50HZ
- Application Area: 0~30m²
- Water Tank Capacity: 1000ml
- Easy to use.
- Efficiently humidity control, dry air.
- Silent, Portable and compact dehumidifier efficiently removes damp.
- The water tank is detachable ,when the water tank is full, it's easy to pull it out and easy to clean
- High volume water tank, can accommodate 1000ml water one time.
- Perfect for use in small areas such as the wardrobe, storage rooms, bedroom, living room, office or anywhere else prone to damp air.
- Three modes are available: Auto mode, Dry mode, Sleep mode,adjusted by the switch button.

Three Mode Descriptions:
Adjusted by the switch button
(A) Automatic Mode:
Automatic dehumidification according to ambient humidity. The humidity is controlled to 70% of the human body's comfort, lower than the comfortable humidity, and the machine will stop dehumidification. Above the comfort humidity, the machine will automatically dehumidify. In automatic mode, the dehumidifier will run at high wind speed.

(CNT) Dry Mode:
For dry clothes or continuous dehumidification scenarios, the machine will continue to dehumidify at high wind speeds until the ambient humidity reaches 20% , the machine will stop working.

( ☾ ) Sleep Mode:
In sleep mode, the machine will run at low speed, and the bottom noise dehumidification will reduce disturbing the sleep rest.
The machine will automatically dehumidify according to the humidity of the environment, and control the humidity to 70% of the human body's comfort. Below the comfort humidity, dehumidification will stop. Above the comfort humidity, it will automatically dehumidify.


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