Vertical Sandbag Adult Children Practice Boxing Fighting Training Equipment


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- Brand: Chuangbu
- Color: Black
- Material: Steel, leather, rubber
- Product Size: 400*400*1750 mm
- Installation method: vertical
- Environmentally friendly materials, safe and non-irritating.
- With two separate components that are easily spliced together.
- Equipped with a powerful suction cup for a variety of smooth floors.
- Does not require nuts and bolts and can be pushed aside after training.
- Resilience rebounds and shakes small. High-elastic resistance, not hurting your hands.
- The polyester ammonia foaming liner has good hand feeling and strong impact resistance.
- Traditional porous bags need to be hung on the ceiling, otherwise, it will cause clutter and create holes.
- Surface of the sandbag is made of special leather, which is wear-resistant, resistant to hitting, and anti-aging.
- Package dimension: Length:50cm, Width:30cm, Height:175cm; Weight:20KG

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