Travel Hiking Solar Charging Board Waterproof Backpacks


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Travel Hiking Solar Charging Board Waterproof Backpacks


- An intelligent shoulder bag that can be charged with sunlight.
- Size: 32cmX19cmX48cm
- Brand: NCHAO
- Color: light grey
- Material: polyester high waterproof suit surface
- Net weight: 0.75kg
- Capacity: 28L
- Solar output voltage: 5V(peak in sunlight) 4.87V(cloudy day value)
- Smart matching for all mobile phones and tables
- Select high-quality waterproof fabrics, a high-end fashion temperament. Super waterproof, water droplets outside also can only be anxious resistance.
- Third Generation high sensitivity solar panels, conversion efficiency of solar panel increased to 200%, the conversion efficiency of solar.
- The design of an ergonomic backpack system reduces the pressure and gives back a comfortable feeling that has not been seen for a long time.


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