Polarized Lens Cycling Glasses Eyewear Photochromic Bike Sunglasses TOPEAK


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- Brand: TOPEAK
- Model: TSR818-PH
- Material: TR90 material
- Product Size: 155*40 mm (LxW)
- Color: Pearl black-red, pearl grey
- Shatterproof and scratch-resistant, frames are lightweight and durable.
- Polarized glasses reduce glare from the sun and other reflective surfaces, such as water or the road.
- Photochromic glasses can adjust their tint according to the amount of light present. This means that as the amount of light changes, the lenses will darken or lighten accordingly.
- Package dimension: Length:19.5cm, Width:10.5cm, Height:8.2cm; Weight:0.238KG

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