RF Eye Beauty Machine Wrinkle Dark Circles Removal Serum Import Wennil SXC38


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- Brand: Wennil
- Model: SXC38
- Color: Rose Gold
- Frequency: 500rpm
- Voltage: 110-220V
- RF deep import function, the energy penetrate into the skin's bottom, promote serum absorption, and moisturize skin.
- Improves blood circulation around the eyes, fade dark circle and eye bags, and make you look more energetic.
- Lifting and tightening eye skin, fading fine lines, and improving wrinkles, keeping skin in healthy condition.
- Radiofrequency heat has a soothing function and is good for the body. It can penetrate into human tissues and repair human cells.
- Dimension: Length:16.50cm, Width:6.00cm, Height:5.50cm; Weight:0.50KG

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