Qingchu HKS0A001 UV Disinfection Knife Knives Block Chopsticks Cutlery Storage Drying Stand


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- Brand: Qingchu
- Model: HKS0A001
- Color: White / Red
- Tableware sterilization, clean and Hygeian, the UV sterilization rate of UVC is 99.99% and the hot air circulation drying is used; high temperature resistant environmental protection materials.
- UV-C sterilization, high-efficiency sterilization without a dead angle.
- ABS + PC environmental protection material, no peculiar smell / high temperature resistant / not easy to deform.
- Detachable knife and chopstick holder, easy to take and clean.
- Independent storage and disinfection to avoid cross-contamination of knives/tableware.


- Dimension: Length:33.00cm, Width:10.00cm, Height:40.00cm; Weight:1.80KG

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