Anti-drowning Portable Inflatable Bracelet Swimming Lifesaving Wristband Puffer


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- Brand: Puffer
- Bracelet color: Black
- Material:TPU
- Product Size: 23*9 cm (LxW)
- Strong wristband, that fits most children and adults
- Perfect for surfing, swimming, sailing, and diving
- Portable swimming self-help bracelet for emergency
- Can withstand 100kg of buoyancy, durable and safe to use
- Carbon dioxide gas tank can be replaceable for repeated use
- Gently pull the handle to make it inflate, and pull you out of the water
- Metal whistle to attract people's attention, and increase survival chances
- Designed with a bottle and a metal whistle, it greatly increases survival chances.
- This exquisite swimming lifesaving equipment is essential for swimming, diving, and surfing.
- With its compact design, you can have it on your wrist at all times to ensure your security.
- Dimension: Length:15.40cm, Width:8.50cm, Height:12.50cm; Weight:0.44KG

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