Pet Dog Mesh Toilet Pad Lattice Tray Potty Pee Animal Training Tool PETKIT


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- Brand: PETKIT
- Color: Gray
- Size: 520*390*47 mm
- Easy to train, in line with the dog toilet habit.
- Material: High impact polystyrene, activated carbon
- No deformation, 120 kilos of the dog stand up all right.
- Safe and durable, smooth surface, non-toxic and tasteless, durable.
- Fixed-point toilet, so that dogs are used to a fixed position, easy to clean.
- Corrosion resistance, after 1000 times of tests, super corrosion resistance.
- Home health, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, causing harm to their families.
- Full fit, more reassuring. Charcoal bamboo dog diaper is designed for training toilets.
- Antibacterial material, extraordinary antibacterial deodorant effect, safe and non-toxic.
- Dimension: Length:58cm, Width:45cm, Height:8cm; Weight:1.98KG

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