Pet Cat Dog Water Dispenser Replaceable Filter Cartridge Pump Cotton Orange B03


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- Brand: Orange
- Model: B03 filter element
- Color: White
- Quantity: 3, 6, 12 (pcs)
- High performance activated carbon absorbs odor
- Made from top quality cotton, premium ion exchange resin and activated carbon.
- Keep Water Lasting Fresh: Exchange resin remove magnesium and calcium in water.
- Easy To Use: Rinse the filter with water thoroughly before use, and replace it regularly (depending on the frequency of use).
- It can remove chlorine, impurities and odors, catch hair and debris, and soften hard tap water to provide better quality water for cats and dogs.
- Dimension: Length:20.00cm, Width:5.00cm, Height:5.00cm; Weight:0.50KG

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