Pet Cat Dog Fur Sticky Bed Carpet Clothes Removal Hair Cleaner Roller Brush


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Color: White-yellow
- Weight:‎ 240 g
- Product Size: 20.5*19.5*7cm
- Material: ABS, TPR, polyester yarn
- Sleek handle: comfortable to hold, saving time and effort.
- Cute shape: The little duck shape of yellow and white color, adds fun to home life.
- One-touch opening: The rear cover is removable for easy removal of hair from the storage box.
- Place the brush on the item and push it back and forth, open the storage box, and pour out the hair debris.
- High-density bristles: High cleaning ability, holding the handle and gently pushing it back and forth to easily remove hair from home textiles.
- Package dimension: Length:20.5cm, Width:19.5cm, Height:7cm; Weight:0.5KG


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