PELPO PELPO-JDLQ 4-Tubes Pull Rope Sit-up Training Foot Pedal Resistance Band Stretch Elastic


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- Brand: PELPO
- Size: 52 x 28 cm
- Great for home-based strength training:training with the resistance bands may not only assist with rehabilitative exercises, fat loss, building muscle, but also prevent of getting cervical spine and lumbar pain, maintaining a healthy body for you.
- The Elastic Foam Handle: Foam wrapped handle, non-toxic no stimulation, safety, and environmental protection, to avoid movement due to climate change or cause excessive heat, moisture, slippage occurs, comfortable.
- Portable and light weight:can be used anywhere anytime. Firms chests and arms. Tightens hips and thighs Ideal for toning & strengthening stomach, waist and legs, arms, hips, thighs and works on the tummy at the same time.
- Dimension: Length:27.00cm, Width:15.00cm, Height:9.00cm; Weight:0.34KG

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