Automatic Soybean Machine Hot Soymilk Maker Fruit Soup Juice Blender Mokkom


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- Brand: Mokkom
- Color: Pink / White / Green
- Voltage: 220V
- Capacity: 300ml
- Material: 304 stainless steel, PP
- Power: Spin - 120W / Heating - 400W
- Weight: 1kg
- No filter requires an automatic clean
- High efficiency and fast speed. Low noise, low vibration
- The firepower is moderate and evenly heated, and you can slowly make the delicious soy milk
- Multi-functional, can make soy milk, fruit, and vegetable cold drinks, grain porridge, vegetable soup
- Product Size: 10*13.5*21.5cm
- Package dimension: Length:15cm, Width:15cm, Height:25.5cm; Weight:1.4KG

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