Multi-stage Energy-saving Microwave Oven Midea MMW25S 25L Sliver


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- Brand: Midea
- Model: MMW25S
- 25L Digital touch control
- 900W output power
- 10 power levels
- 99min cooking timer
- 6 Auto cooking menus
- Child safety lock
- Defrost setting
- 30s quick start
- Silver-painted cavity
- Silver door frame and housing

✅Capacity: A 25L microwave provides ample space for heating or cooking larger dishes.
✅Power Output: Higher-wattage microwaves heat food faster. Look for a microwave with at least 800-1000 watts for quicker cooking.
✅Control Panel: User-friendly control panels with clearly labeled buttons and digital displays make it easy to set cooking times and power levels.
✅Cooking Presets: Some microwaves offer presets for common tasks like popcorn, defrosting, and reheating, making it convenient to use.
✅Child Safety Lock: This feature prevents accidental operation by children.
✅Express Cooking: One-touch buttons for quick cooking in increments of 30 seconds or 1 minute.
✅Sensor Cooking: Microwaves with sensors can detect the humidity level inside the oven and adjust cooking time and power accordingly for optimal results.
✅Multi-stage Cooking: This feature allows you to program multiple cooking stages, such as defrosting and then cooking.
✅Interior Lighting: Good interior lighting makes it easy to monitor the cooking process.
✅Easy-to-Clean Interior: A non-stick or easy-to-clean interior coating simplifies maintenance.
✅Compact Size: If you have limited counter space, a compact 25L microwave can be a space-saving choice.
✅Energy Efficiency: Look for energy-saving features to reduce power consumption.
✅Quick Start: A "quick start" button that starts the microwave for a short period with a single press.
- Package dimension: Length:51.3cm, Width:41cm, Height:30.6cm; Weight:16.8KG

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