Eye Care Massager Electric Thermal Shock Vibration Pressure Smart Eye Protector


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Model: IDS-6602
- Color: Black, White
- Material: ABS, PU
- Power: 5W
- Voltage: 5V
- Bluetooth connects to the phone to play music.
- Easy to carry, improve sleep quality, eliminate fatigue and protect eyesight
- 38-42 °C constant temperature hot compress is comfortable and brings moistness to dry eyes.
- Two temperature modes prevent the temperature from being too high to bring discomfort to the eyes.
- 180-degree folding design fits more face types and the innovative foldable design is more suitable for the eyes, which increases the 75% massage effect.
- Dimension: Length:20.00cm, Width:15.00cm, Height:20.00cm; Weight:1.00KG

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