Lead-Free Coffee Glass Retro Vertical Pattern Cup Bamboo Ring Filter Bag Set


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- Brand: Bincoo
- Volume capacity: 310ml
- Glass weight: ‎375 g
- Number of filter papers: 50pcs
- Color: Brown ring, transparent glass
- Cup diameter: <9cm (hanging ear filter paper)
- Material:  Bamboo wood ring, High borosilicate glass, filter paper
- The bamboo wood rings are anti-skulking with constantly carved patterns, a dignified atmosphere, and a comfortable feeling, of beautiful and comfortable feeling.
- Four seasons, high-quality borosilicate glass, cold resistance, heat resistance, explosion-proof, cold resistance, always suitable for cold and cold weather. Transparent and bright
- Package dimension: Length:10cm, Width:10cm, Height:10cm; Weight:0.25KG

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