Mountain Bike Bicycle Front Wheel Rim with Banner 26-inch Black LANKELEISI


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- Brand: Manufactured by LANKELEISI, a reputable brand known for quality bike components.
- Size: 26-inch diameter, suitable for mountain bikes.
- Material: Constructed from durable and lightweight materials for optimal performance.
- Color: Sleek black finish for a stylish look.
- Compatibility: Designed to fit most standard mountain bike frames.
- Strength: Robust construction to withstand rough terrains and heavy usage.
- Versatility: Suitable for various outdoor terrains, including trails, mountains, and rugged paths.
- Banner Attachment: Equipped with a banner attachment feature, allowing for customization and personalization.
- Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation, compatible with standard bike assembly procedures.
- Performance Enhancement: Enhances the overall performance of the bike, providing stability and control.
- Durability: Built to withstand the demands of mountain biking, ensuring longevity and reliability.
- Weight: Optimized weight for balanced handling and maneuverability.
- Aesthetic Appeal: Adds a stylish element to the front wheel of the bike, enhancing its visual appeal.
- Weather Resistance: Resistant to corrosion and adverse weather conditions, suitable for all-weather riding.
- Package dimension: Length:70cm, Width:21cm, Height:69cm; Weight:3.22KG

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