Cartoon Monster Portable Food-grade Silicone Baby Food Meal Adjustable Bib KUB


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- Brand: KUB
- Color: Blue, pink
- Applicable age: 6m +
- Resistant range: -20°C~200°C
- Material: Silicone BPA free
- Weight: 93g
- Product Size: 23*30 cm
- Cute pastel colors with simple shapes. We are pursuing fashion and avoiding using popular colors.
- Can be adjusted in 6 stages, even if your child is older, it can be used for a long time until an apron is needed.
- Soft and can be stored compactly by rolling into the socket. This will ease the burden on moms who tend to bring as much luggage as possible.
- Silicone PA-free materials, do not use any harmful chemicals that are harmful to your health. In addition, the soft material does not damage the neck skin.
- Easy to clean. Can be washed in a washing machine or dishwasher. Excellent quick-drying properties and can be used immediately without having to wash and wipe water droplets.
- Package dimension: Length:22.5cm, Width:8cm, Height:29.5cm; Weight:0.3KG

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