iPad Android Phone Tablet Charging Docking Station USB Kmax Gamer HANDJOY


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- Brand: HANDJOY
- Color: White-gray
- Material: PP
- Weight: 420g
- Lithium battery: 1200mAh
- Bluetooth 4.0 Handjoy core chip.
- PC gaming style to mobile gameplay
- Apple IOS and Android are both available.
- In-touch system for the custom game button.
- Kmax game iPad android charging docking station USB.
- Chargeable battery with 1200mAh capacity lithium battery.
- Multiple connectors with not just touch models, changeable controllers, and PC gaming styles.
- 4 gaming modes with in-touch mode, controller mode, PC mode, and movie mode.

- Dimension: Length:25.00cm, Width:14.50cm, Height:10.50cm; Weight:0.43KG

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