Kitchen Manual Lemon Fruit Juicer Hand Orange Juice Squeezer Press Machine


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Material: Aluminum alloy
- Weight: 750g
- Made with sturdy industrial aluminum alloy and non-toxic coating, it is safe and reliable.
- The pressed pulp, accompanied by cooked sago and milk, can be used for fruit meal.
- With this manual juicer, you can be drinking lemonade in just seconds.
- This product is only for soft fruits and vegetables, can not be used for hard pressing.
- Since the fruit juice will oxidize immediately after contact with air, it is easy to corrode the surface. Please wash it carefully after use!
- Size: 22.7*13*10.5 cm
- Dimension: Length:24cm, Width:100cm, Height:15cm; Weight:1KG

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