Electric Heated Thermostat Foot Tub Bath Automatic Home Massage Heated Barrel


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- Brand: BEICI
- Model: BZ523C
- Color: White
- Material: PP
- Capacity: 11L
- Weight: 3.4kg
- Power cord length: 130cm

- Automatic electric roller to massage your feet acupuncture points!
- Fitness Promoter: The foot massager features the massage heating function
- Adjustable Design: The heating temperature of the foot massager is adjustable
- Sturdy Design: The foot massager features automatic drainage and is noiseless, which is easy to move.
- Its sturdy design of it provides quiet operation and comfortable foot bathing. It is suitable for personal use, or as a gift to others.
- Sleep Promoter: The foot bath massager can heat the foot heel, toe, arch, and ankle, which is ideal for athletes and people under foot exercise.
- Dimension: Length:50cm, Width:44cm, Height:38.5cm; Weight:5.66KG

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