Electric Heat Lunch Box Home Office Use Portable Bento Meal Heater


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Model: RJH-A3
- Material: ABS, 304 SUS stainless steel inner liner
- Color: Light blue, light yellow, grey, rose
- Voltage: 12V(Car use) / 220V(Home use)
- Power: 40W
- Plug: Car-use charging adapter or Home-use charging adapter
- Large capacity: 1000 ML (600ML + 200*2ML)
- Weight: Approx 1kg
- Size: 240*115*240mm
- Made of food-grade PP plastic, non-toxic, healthy, and durable, the inner tray is made of 304 stainless steel.
- The lunch box comes with 2 cables, 12V for car use, and 220V for home, office use. You can take it with you when you are at school, home, office, or you are driving or traveling.
You can use this meal heater to heat the food you like anywhere anytime.
- The food warmer has a 3-layer with a capacity of 600ml and two 200ml. it is easy to separate the rice, the meat, the vegetables, and the fruit salad, it won`t mix the flavor.
- Prepare your own favorite healthy meals and then choose a car use cable or home use cable to plug in the lunch box. It will slowly and evenly heat your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor. Also, it is easy to wash.

Method of use
1. Please put the cooked food into the rice container and the dish container.
2. Please fasten the lip.
3. Open the socket stopper, insert the power cord.
4. When the indicator light is on, heating is started.

- Dimension: Length:26cm, Width:112cm, Height:11.5cm; Weight:1.12KG



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