Egg Scrambler Shaker Whisk Hand Powered Manual Egg Maker Mixer Kitchen Gadgets


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- High-quality materials: Made of food-grade silicone materials, non-toxic and tasteless.
- Strong practicability: The vibrating screen has a built-in silica gel, which is soft, moderate, and inclusive. It uses centrifugal force to rotate at high torque, which instantly breaks the yolk film and makes the yolk more uniform.
- Full drawstring design, good abrasion resistance, high strength and long service life.
- Safe to Use: The eggs shaker will not damage the shell during the whole process, and the eggs whites and yolks will not contact the air, thus making the eggs cleaner and safer.
- Very Useful: This is a new type of diet method that can be made into various styles, which can solve the problem that most children do not like to eat egg yolks, and also avoid getting stuck.

- Dimension: Length:17.00cm, Width:8.00cm, Height:8.00cm; Weight:0.50KG

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