Sports In-ear Bluetooth Neck Headset Sweat-free Edifier WD300BT


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- Brand: Edifier
- Model: WD300BT
- Color: Black
- At typical use, the W300TB has up to 7 hours of playback time after a full charge.
- The adaptable neckband makes a high-limit battery conceivable without adding additional weight to the ears.
- Throughout the day comfort, the W300BT uses a neckband design that makes placement easy for wireless earphones.
- Whether you are getting drenched in rain or in sweat the W300BT is made to withstand liquid temperaments that are thrown at it.
- Get ready to listen to music with exceptional bass response. Edifier gives you audio with a bass resonance to get the party pumping in your ears.
- The neckband features three buttons to control volume and skip tracks while listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks. The controls are also helpful for answering and hanging up calls.

- Dimension: Length:12.50cm, Width:15.00cm, Height:15.00cm; Weight:0.30KG

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