Ashtray Smoke Removal Air Purifier Anti-second-hand Smoker Indoor Room Smoking


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Model: bw301-5
- Color: Black
- Power: 3W-5W
- Voltage: 5V2A
- Power mode: USB
- Material: Ceramic, ABS
- Control method: button type
- Easy to dismount and clean.
- Powerful turbo fan, low noise during operation, strong suction, and large wind.
- With a sleek, elegant, and simple design, the ashtray adds significant beauty to combine the design with a practical idea.
- Multi-functional ashtrays, not only ashtrays but also air purifiers, to remove the odors of secondhand smoke and cigarettes.
- Dimension: Length:20.50cm, Width:20.50cm, Height:20.50cm; Weight:1.32KG

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