Scuba Composite Diving Snorkeling Flippers Dive Fins SUMI


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- Brand: SUMI
- Color: Black-gray
- Material: TPR
- Weight: Approx. 1.25kg
- Reduced breathing rates increase relaxation and ease while diving.
- The angle of the blade - in relation to the foot pocket - is designed with efficiency in mind.
- As each stroke begins, the fin provides ample propulsion without straining your leg muscles.
- The rubber grip under the foot pocket prevents slipping on boat decks or similar surfaces.
- The underside of the foot pocket has a drain hole for water drainage.
- The technology used on the Natures Wing fin significantly reduces the stress and exertion of diving.
- You will generate maximum propulsion with only a small flutter or ankle kick.
- This reduces the overall range of muscle movement, therefore, reducing air consumption.
- Every level of diver, from the student to the most advanced technical diver, will benefit from using this fin.
- A powerful fin with a rigid, robust blade that is balanced by the special elastic center membrane, which is designed to channel water backward, giving more speed and power to get on top of all conditions.

- Dimension: Length:50.00cm, Width:30.00cm, Height:30.00cm; Weight:1.30KG

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