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- Brand: Deli
- Weight: 2.43kg
- Power: 130W
- Max Vacuum: -85kPa
- Max width of seal: 290mm
- Sealing time: 8-10s
- Pumping time: 30s
- These machines can be used to pack a wide variety of foods.
- Dry and wet items can be sealed.
- Vacuum sealing using only 1 key.
- Superior vacuum capability
- Can seal all kinds of plastic bags or foil.
- Has adjustable heat-seal timer and automatic overheat warning indicator
- Manual control, free vacuum control
- Built-in roll bag storage
- Moisture proofing after packaging
- Odor-proof, anti-oxidation
- Top-quality construction and easy to maintain

- Dimension: Length:43.50cm, Width:13.00cm, Height:26.50cm; Weight:2.90KG

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