DAEWOO M0 Rechargeable Clothes Lint Remover Electric Pilling Fluff Fuzz Fabric Shaver


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- Brand: DAEWOO
- Model: M0
- Color: White / Pink
- The Lint Remover will Revitalise and Bring new Life into your Fabric
- Flexible Cleaning Head Captures hard to Reach Fibres
- Its Large Jumbo Size Makes it Perfect for Removing Pilling and Fluff on Drapes, Furniture upholstery, Blankets, Sheets, Rugs, Carpets or anything you can Think of.
- All Removed Fibre is Captured in its large Capacity Container that can be Removed and Emptied
- This Lightweight, Battery-operated Lint Remover Quickly Eliminates Pills, Lint and Fuzz Without Harming Fabric.
- Perfect for Clothing, Drapes, Upholstery, Blankets, Rugs and More

- Dimension: Length:16.00cm, Width:11.50cm, Height:11.30cm; Weight:0.38KG

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