Core Muscle Trainer Mountaineering Climbing Training Machine Fitness KUANGMI


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- Brand: KUANGMI
- Color: Black
- Material: Steel
- Load-bearing: 300 kg
- Weight: 22kg
- Product Size: 103*64*205 cm
- Applicable: Men, women, and children exercise
- Features: Safe and stable, mountaineering training, fast fat-burning effect
- New Line Up for every kind of user and workout experience
- Ideal for High-Intensity Interval Training routines (HIIT) that burn TWICE calories per workout.
- Original vertical climber machine that combines calorie-burning cardio with muscle toning in one simple movement.
- Post-workout, you’ll experience a 40% increase in AFTERBURN of calories, helping you build a lean body in no time.
- Package dimension: Length:169cm, Width:22cm, Height:15cm; Weight:2.2KG

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