Christmas Scene Layout Glass Window Door Golden Glittery Stickers Wall Decor


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- Brand: Unbranded
- Model: QR6063
- Color: Gold
- Craft: Glitter
- Material: Environmentally friendly PVC removable adhesive
- Applicable: Tung windows, glass, and smooth, flat, and non-greying walls
- Removal method: When the wall stickers are removed, you can use a hairdryer to heat the adhesive, which makes it easier to remove.
Wall: Tear off the pattern and stick it on the wall, tear off the large pattern and stick it on the side, and slowly smooth it out with your hands to avoid wrinkling.
Glass: Clean the glass first, spray the glass with a watering can, tear off the pattern, paste it on the glass that has been sprayed with water,
and smooth it carefully to drive out air bubbles and water (the purpose of water spraying is to reduce air bubbles production)
- Dimension: Length:10.00cm, Width:10.00cm, Height:10.00cm; Weight:0.12KG

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