Automatic Sand Shovel Water Cleaning Deodorization Pet Cat Litter Toilet Box


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- Brand: CatGenie
- Color: White-gray
- Material: ABS
- Pet toilet type: closed
- Rated voltage: 110-240V
- Electric power: 1300W
- Sealing dust and deodorizing, no smell.
- Silent throughout, does not affect family rest.
- The sand leakage pedal design makes the cat easy to enter and exit.
- It is spacious and can accommodate large cats. It can also accommodate large models.
- Naturally integrated into the furniture environment, the spherical design is simple and generous, and the white and gray color is natural and fresh.

- Dimension: Length:75.00cm, Width:60.00cm, Height:60.00cm; Weight:9.00KG

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