Vertical Socket Tower Power Strip Cord Wire Extension 2 USB Plug Long-wire Cable


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- Brand: BULL
- Model: V106U / UU2126
- Color: White
- Voltage: 250V
- Current: 10A
- Power: 2500W
- Material: Flame retardant
- Cable length: 1.8m / 3m
- Be protective: Anti-oxidation protective, stable circular base design.
- Long life: Adopted lightweight but durable metal for long service time.
- 1.8 or 3 meters long, suitable for office work and indoor environments.
- High performance: It is in great reliability, cause it has been through testing standards.
- Multichoice: Diversified choices are beyond your imagination. A variety of specifications are always suitable for you.
- Package dimension: Length:19.5cm, Width:10cm, Height:6.5cm; Weight:0.6KG

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