Portable Baby Bottle Sterilizer Milk Warmer Steam Sterilization Food Heater


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- Brand: Baphiya
- Model: BBS-6800
- Color: Blue, pink
- Disinfection power: 600W
- Warm milk power: 300W
- Drying power: 200W
- Voltage/frequency: 220V-50Hz
- Weight: 1.90kg
- Product Size: 280*270*328 mm (LxWxH)
- LED screen can display the heating temperature.
- Can warm milk when disinfecting: more efficient.
- Can also store milk bottles after disinfection: multifunctional.
- Can disinfect six bottles at one time and one key disinfection.
- Bottle and nipple holder separation: more thorough disinfection
- Package dimension: Length:28cm, Width:32.8cm, Height:27cm; Weight:2.95KG

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