Stainless Vacuum Double Layer Thermal Insulation Lunch Box ASVEL HLB-B600


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- Brand: ASVEL
- Model: HLB-B600
- Color: Ivory white
- Material: 304 stainless steel
- Capacity: 800ML
- Number of layers: 2 layer
- Product Size: 11.9 x 16.4cm

✅Superior Heat Insulation: Features a stainless steel vacuum thermal insulation structure to keep your food warm for longer periods.
✅ Wide-mouth design: Easy to wash and pack, thanks to the convenient wide-mouth opening.
✅Leak-Proof Side Dish Container: Comes with a side dish container that prevents juice leakage, ensuring a mess-free meal.
✅Safe and Non-Toxic: Made with materials that provide indirect contact with food, ensuring safety and non-toxicity.
✅Corrosion Resistant and Durable: Designed to be corrosion resistant and more durable, offering comprehensive care for family health.
✅Large Capacity: 800ml capacity, perfect for holding ample food portions.
- Package dimension: Length:18cm, Width:15cm, Height:15cm; Weight:0.75KG

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