AKIRA DC7 Portable UV Sterilizer Bag USB UV Disinfection Bag for Bottle/Underwear


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- Brand: AKIRA
- Model: DC7
- Size: 250 * 200 * 160 mm
- Open the zipper and insert sterilizer inside the top cover.
- Put into dry items that are to be sterilized, and keep them tiled without overlapping.
- Pull up the zipper and double-click the switch on the top cover. Ultraviolet and ozone start. Automatically complete disinfection in three minutes.
- The Box can disinfect any item like Mobile phone, children's toys, cosmetic brush, cosmetic work, manicure, shaver, hair products disinfection, daily necessities disinfection, dental disinfection, toothbrush, electronics, hearing aids, travel supplies disinfection, intimate toys, etc.
- When the disinfection work is carried out, if the baby accidentally opens the disinfection bag, it will automatically stop working to prevent the ultraviolet light from causing harm to the human body.
- The sterilization box is compact, stylish, beautiful, easy to carry, a large-capacity sterilization box, enough for use in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or nursery. A must-have disinfection tool for travel.
- Remove musty, the effect can be smelled. You can smell the clean taste of clothing be exposed to the sun.
- Dimension: Length:25.00cm, Width:20.00cm, Height:16.00cm; Weight:1.50KG

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