AG 001 Electric Brush head Sonic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush head Waterproo


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- Brand: AG
- Model: 001-01
- Quantity: 3
- Color: white
- Remove dental plaque with superior cleaning ability.
- Slight vibration caused by high-speed rotation of electric toothbrush can not only promote blood circulation in the mouth, but also bring comfortable feelings to people.
- Adopt advanced soft brush head to effectively protect gums, reduce damage and make the brushing process safer and more effective.
- Electric toothbrush can effectively reduce the stain caused by bad oral condition, restore the original color of teeth, and whiten and beautify teeth.
- The brush head with automatic high-frequency vibration is easy to use.
- Dimension: Length:150cm, Width:350cm, Height:30cm; Weight:0.35KG

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