304 Stainless Steel Metal Reusable Ice Cubes Whiskey Wine Cooling Drinks REMAX


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- Brand: REMAX
- Material: 304 Stainless Steel
- Shape: Cube
- Can be reused.
- Good quality, long service life.
- It can quickly make the wine cool and insoluble in the wine.
- After a period of freezing, then take it out and put it in the glass when you need it.
- Does not dilute the taste of the wine, and does not change the structure of the wine.
- Stainless steel ice cubes are a new catering product that replaces ordinary ice cubes to make wines cool.
- Just wash the stainless steel ice in the water for a while before using it, then place it inside the refrigerator freezer.
- Dimension: Length:17.00cm, Width:11.00cm, Height:4.00cm; Weight:0.38KG

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