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- Brand: Xiaomi
- Model: MIJIA Honeywell
- Material: ABS
- Color: White
- Weight: 200g
- Size: 12*5*3.5cm

Main Features:
- App Notifications: Allows you to take measures in time to tackle the dangerous case.
- Photoelectric Smoke Sensor: When it detects a potentially explosive amount of smoke, it will emit light and sound to alert.
- Smart Processor: Adopts advanced electronics processing technology to achieve low power consumption and long service life.
- Self-inspection Reminder: The app will remind you to do the self-inspection for the detector every month, and you can finish the self-inspection on the app.
- Easy to Install: This detector can be used alone, or bound to the Xiaomi multifunctional hub or air conditioner controller for the functions of remote notifications, app self-inspection, etc.
- Dimension: Length:9cm, Width:16cm, Height:6.5cm; Weight:0.16KG

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