Vacuum Food Sealer Automatic Commercial Household Packaging Machine Packer


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- Brand: TAILI
- Weight : 1.74 kg for seal machine / 0.94 kg for bags
- Model : Sealed machine *1 / Sealed machine * 1 + Sealed bags *50 (Bag size : 28*35cm )
- Vacuum Packaging and Food Safety
- Vacuum packaging extends the life of foods by removing most of the air from sealed containers and prevents fresh air from escaping into the sealed containers, thereby reducing oxidation. Vacuum packaging helps preserve flavor and overall quality. It also helps inhibit the growth of aerobic microorganisms, which can lead to the problems noted below under certain conditions:
- mycete cannot grow in a low oxygen environment; therefore vacuum packaging can virtually eliminate it.
- Results in fermentation, which can be identified by smell and taste. Saccharomycete needs water, sugar, and a moderate temperature to grow. It can also survive with or without air. Slowing the growth of Saccharomycete requires refrigeration, while freezing stops it completely.

- Dimension: Length:15.00cm, Width:40.00cm, Height:7.50cm; Weight:1.60KG



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