Car Air Purifier Ionizer Negative Ions Cigarette Smell Removal Odor TCL KJ6F-C1


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- Brand: TCL
- Model: KJ6F-C1
- Color: Champagne gold
- Application area: 10-20 square meters
- Noise: <40dB
- Effectively remove PM2.5 particles, soot, dust, etc.
- Cup type design, the machine is smart and dynamic with a USB interface
- The use of heat-resistant materials, strong summer sun exposure will not emit harmful substances, and aging, a fading phenomenon
- 360 degrees purify the air: Wind goes through from the floor and comes out from the top, creates a high concentration of negative ions, and refreshes the car air
- Dimension: Length:20.00cm, Width:15.00cm, Height:10.00cm; Weight:0.90KG.

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