Automatic Roll'N Clean Cat Litter Box Deodorization Washable Curtain PETREE


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- Brand: PETREE
- Color: White
- Voltage: 12V
- Power: 5W
- Material: PP
- Tank capacity: 4L
- Product weight: 7.5kg
- Max amount of litter: 4kg
- Max loading: 20kg
- Size: 350*624*537 mm (LxWxH)
- You'll save yourself money, and the hassle!
- Special ladder design, when the cat steps on the pedal, it can let the sand fall.
- With an easy roll action, the Roll'N clean separates the dirty clumped litter from the clean cat litter.
- The new and improved Award-winning automatic self-cleaning Roll'N Clean litter box is an affordable solution that takes the hassle out of scooping up your cat's waste!
- Dimension: Length:60cm, Width:750cm, Height:60cm; Weight:7.5KG

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