Multi-function High-power Smart Rice Cooker 3L Joyoung JYF-30FE08


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- Brand: Joyoung
- Model: JYF-30FE08
- Color: White
- Material: 304 stainless steel
- Weight: 3.7KG
- Automatically adjusts the cooking temperatures throughout the various stages of rice cooking, ensuring that optimum results are achieved for all types of rice.
- A combination of rice cooker and steamer that makes steamed rice, sushi, sticky rice, porridge, and cake. Functions also include fast cook, reheat and automatic keep warm.
- Anodised Ceramic Coated Cooking bowl with 5 layers of durable and heat conductive materials.
- Can be used to preset the finishing cooking time in advance. LED Display with a simple operation control panel.
- Easy Open Lid and Removable Parts for a quick and easy cleanup.
- Size: 406*300*260 mm
- Dimension: Length:38.5cm, Width:354cm, Height:25cm; Weight:3.54KG


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